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  • Meet: McCall Mitchell

     Wearing Erin Made Good Vibes Sweater & Vans SK8-Hi MTE 2.0 DX Wearing Triangl -Arrio Bell Flower Bikini   Wearing Prince...
  • Island Life in Kauai, Hawaii

    Island Life in Kauai, Hawaii   ~ H a w a i i ~ the quintessential dreamy vacationland in the minds of almost everyone, ever.  I’ve always had the i...
  • Gettin' Thrifty With It

    I remember the day when shopping at GoodWill wasn’t so trendy. And I am ashamed to admit it, but I used to be a bit of a thrifting snob. But we’re ...
  • Meet: Olivia Randolph

    Describe yourself in three words.
    Does your personal style reflect your lifestyle? If so, how?
    Yes! I like to use different colors to spice it up!
  • Winter Blues?? Kill them with Spring Hues!

    Winter Blues??  Kill them with Spring Hues! You guys, it’s hard being a beach girl stuck in the Midwest.  This winter weather is really taking its ...
  • Adventure Calling

    I gathered up a few of my gal pals and drove into the heart of Georgia from the heart of Florida, into the coldest of winter this beach girl has ever experienced. Not only was it the first time I have felt 18 degrees, we also camped in it “primitive style”. Picture this; a tiny four person, “sleeps one queen air mattress” tent with only a thin, water resistant ceiling separating us from the cold outdoors.
  • 2019 Resolutions: Committed, or Already Quit??

    If you’re a sentimental dreamer like me, then you probably came up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions to kick start your year in the right direction.  Some people think they’re cliché, but I think it’s cute that there’s a time of the year where at least everyone’s intentions are in a positive direction.  
  • Your Guide to Bohemian Style at Home

    This post comes from interior designer and stylist Jess Morse. Specializing in residential design and styling, Jess offers one on one design consulting. She has a passion for creating unique and eclectic designs that showcase her clients’ personalities. Philadelphia local, Jess also works at the URBN home office designing for Anthropologie. Excited to have her guest write and break down this home guide to bohemian style!
  • Meet Our New Blog Intern!

    I am a sophomore at the StUnniNg University of Florida (can I get a go gators!! I said it’s great/to be/a Florida gator and if you go to UF that is now 100% stuck in your head) where I am a currently double-majoring in Sustainability Studies and Public Relations.
  • Meet: Kayla Jagusch

    MEET: Kayla Jagusch Kayla Jagusch is a boss babe in NYC who loves creating and is inspired by the world around her.  I had the opportunity to ask ...
  • Travel: San Diego Guide

    Erin Made may be based out of sunny Florida, but we are all about that Coast-to-Coast lifestyle!  Last weekend, I booked a last-minute trip out to ...
  • Creativity

    Creativity is a neat concept. In fact, it’s my favorite concept of all concepts. The dictionary defines creativity as, “the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work”.