Adventure Calling

I gathered up a few of my gal pals and drove into the heart of Georgia from the heart of Florida, into the coldest of winter this beach girl has ever experienced. Not only was it the first time I have felt 18 degrees, we also camped in it “primitive style”. Picture this; a tiny four person, “sleeps one queen air mattress” tent with only a thin, water resistant ceiling separating us from the cold outdoors. It was exhilarating- the best of times!! My parents were shocked. How had we done it? Honestly, a lot of close cuddling, haha! Body heat does wonders in the great outdoors, it would seem.
We found this winter-y wonderland (minus the snow, sandy) in Providence Canyon. The wildest orange dream you ever did see in the tiniest town of Pumpkin, Georgia. The colors were unreal, and we all felt like we were in the great out-west, like Utah or some other desirable location far, far away. How crazy is it that we only had to drive a few hours north to find something so extraordinary!! You never know what is just beyond the limits of your own area. I am such an advocate for adventuring to and past these boundaries. You may find something amazing and breathtaking, like the bright orange crevice in the earth in little old Lumpkin!
We almost didn't make it into the canyon because we were on the wrong path for awhile, but I am so glad we randomly decided to trek down the muddiest and orange colored path. It lead us right into the very heart of the orange. Our shoes got sucked into the mud a few times, I thought we had found some of the elusive quicksand I was sure I would come across when I was little.
I recommend rain boots or galoshes for this canyon, especially after a rain. The ladies camping next to us said it had monsoon the night before, so we lucked out with the weather!
To me, this is what adventure is all about; discovering the magic in the places you've never explored, embracing whatever comes your way (18 degree nights...I am looking at you) and smiling through the mud and mess of the path taken. Life is an adventure and I can't wait to keep exploring!

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