Winter Blues??  Kill them with Spring Hues!

Winter Blues?? Kill them with Spring Hues!

Winter Blues??  Kill them with Spring Hues!
You guys, it’s hard being a beach girl stuck in the Midwest.  This winter weather is really taking its toll on me! I’d much prefer to be nice and tan, wearing my breezy dresses and sandals.  Instead, I’m walking to class in 15-degree weather, wearing two coats, mittens, a beanie, and heavy pants. Alas, what’s a Warm Weather Girl to do when it’s perpetually chilly?  Layer winter-appropriate pieces in springtime shades! I’m not sure what it is, but when I’m in bright colors, I just psychologically feel warmer and sunnier! Weird, I know. But if this scenario sounds familiar and you’re getting tired of the same dark yoga pants and sweatshirt look you’ve been donning to class every week for the past 3 months (..super guilty…), read on for some colorful ways to switch up your winter wardrobe!

I recently went on a trip to Las Vegas and was hoping for warmer weather.  Joke was on me, I guess, because it was still super chilly! Even the deserts out West are taking a winter hit!  I knew if I were driving out to Seven Magic Mountains, I’d need a look to beat the cold winds but still look cute and colorful.


Playful Pastels
To be honest, I kind of just threw this entire look together by looking for the most colorful pieces in my suitcase and it hoping it would work out.  Surprisingly, it didn't look awful!! (Is that not always the most relieving feeling after throwing an outfit together?) A lot of my favorite looks come together in this sort of haphazard manner.  There’s just something fun and playful about mixing spring pastels together! I chose this light blue top (on major sale at Free People!!) because the pink florals tied into the pinks in the bomber.  The subtle blues and neutral tones in my Erin Made headband tied the floral top and white jeans together perfectly!  Be a colorful breath of fresh air while everyone else is slumping into that end-of-winter-all-dark-clothing phase.
Layer Layer Layer Your Favorite Spring Pieces
My next tip is simple – layer your favorite springtime pieces.  If you’ve got a go-to gauzy top or an amazing lightweight jacket, keep them in your rotation!  No reason to wait until Spring to rock your trusty faves. You can always add more layers beneath or on top of them!  Here, I’ve layered a long sleeve, breezy top from Free People beneath my favorite Spring bomber. While I’d prefer to wear either on their own with shorts, I’ll rock this heavier layered method until my days in the sun come!

A Killer Jacket is Key
Some people are Shoe Girls.  Others are Purse Girls. I am a proud Jacket Girl.  It’s gotten to the point where if I’m lusting after a new jacket, people will be like, “Really?? Another jacket?”  But what can I say? I’m a firm believer that a sick jacket is the foundation for any killer look! You can have the most dull and drab outfit on, but if you top it off with an amazing jacket, you look instantly cool.  This reversible bomber from Scotch & Soda is one of my favorite jackets in my collection!  Light enough to rock in the springtime with a cute tank and shorts, heavy enough to layer in the winter for warmth.  I’m loving the pastel silks-look and the GET UP AND GO embroidery on the sleeves – the perfect piece to take along on your next adventure!
Light Wash Heavy Denim
Once the winter weather hits, I’m totally a victim of throwing on my warm black yoga pants and calling it a day.  Every time I do this, however, the fashion lover in me is begging to be seen! When I look around, it’s clear that almost everyone has this same idea.  In a dull sea of dark yoga pants and jeans, brighten things up with a light wash pair of pants! I snagged these bad boys from Free People and they are my new go-to.  Super warm, super comfy, super flattering, and giving me all the springtime feels.
Florals Are Your Friend
I’m sorry, but whoever said florals are only for spring and summer is totally wrong.  My motto is, if the flowers aren’t growing outside, wear them! If you’re on the fence about bold florals in the transitional winter months, try a more subtle approach.  You can always opt for a small floral pattern, like the one on this top. Or, better yet, grab yourself an Erin Made headband for the perfect floral springtime vibes!
If you’re growing tired of your routine winter looks, try some of these tips to revamp your winter style!  (In the meantime, I’ll be over here counting down the days until 60 degrees and sunny hits). What’s your favorite way to breath fresh air into your winter wardrobe??

xxx Gracie xxx

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