Your Guide to End-of-Summer Style

Your Guide to End-of-Summer Style

Every end-of-summer it’s the same old scene.  As a tried and true Summer Girl, I simply cannot accept my fate that it’s going to get colder soon and I’ll have to pack up my trusty tube tops and breezy dresses and swap them out for pants and warm jackets.  Summer silhouettes, styles, and prints compliment my vibe and I always face major cognitive dissonance when determining what my fall persona will dress like.  So if you’re a Summer Girl like me and dread the oncoming colder months, read on to see how you can seamlessly transition the essence of summer into the styles of fall.
My first rule of advice is this: Don’t fall for the “No White After Labor Day” myth.  Who even came up with that??  White is one of my favorite colors to wear year round, as it’s effortless and shows off a killer tan (whether it’s the real-deal or from a bottle of Jergens Natural Glow when your days in the sun become few and far between).  Bring that sunshine and light into your wardrobe when your surroundings are getting dull and colder.  It’ll be a breath of fresh air in a world of blacks and greys.
Next up is a trendy pair of light-wash jeans.  To me, nothing screams summer like my trusty light-wash distressed jean shorts that fit like a glove.  People tend to switch to darker wash jeans in the fall, but if you’re holding onto summer like me, keep up with the trends but keep your wash light!  I snagged these Just Float On Flares from Free People and they’re trendy, comfortable, and still radiate all those carefree vibes of summer.
Just as you shouldn't shy away from keeping whites in your Fall wardrobe, if you want to dress in floral prints and bright colors – do it!!  Whether you’re picking flowers or wearing them in your hair (or on your Erin Made headband), don’t shy away from carrying the sweetness of florals into the colder months.
Lastly, always pack a loose knit sweater or cardigan for when the sun goes down and that fall breeze kicks in.  My go-to for that transitional period between fall and summer is always a colorful loose-knit.  This keeps the idea of fall layering in mind without losing the fun summer vibes!
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Great post! Love your style! I’m excited to start mixing in my fall clothes. Last fall season I would style my erinmade headband with a cute fall dress, boots and wear it as a headband or belt, got so many compliments!

Liz B

LOVE! even though i’m a Fall/Winter girl :) this is a beautiful post, love the apparel suggestions and obv ErinMade headband <3

Jess M.

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