Your Guide to Bohemian Style at Home

Your Guide to Bohemian Style at Home

This post comes from interior designer and stylist Jess Morse. Specializing in residential design and styling, Jess offers one on one design consulting. She has a passion for creating unique and eclectic designs that showcase her clients’ personalities. Excited to have her guest write and share her home guide to bohemian style!
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I’m thrilled to be writing a guest post for Erin Made this week! For those of you who don’t know, Erin Made is a lovely brand based out of Florida with handcrafted, bohemian treasures that cater to the free-spirited lifestyle—from headbands to bandeaus and even quilts. Her signature, boho aesthetic includes pieces that are unique, colorful, and patterned—often defined by her use of vintage kantha quilts. I seriously adore her personal style and it has inspired me to break down the elements that create a bohemian home!
Classic bohemian home style often includes lots of rich, saturated hues and global patterned textiles—very similar to Erin’s style in her wardrobe. Colorful boho spaces can range from having bright to earthy tones; my favorite hue right now for all things home and apparel is terracotta! Bohemian homes also tend to be maximalist spaces, which means there is a lot of STUFF and man, does it look GOOD. Check out my previous post about 2019 Interior Design Trends to learn more about maximalist spaces and all the “how-to” goodness.
A fun and easy way to inject color and pattern into your space is by styling with one of Erin Made’s versatile patchwork quilts. These are great layering pieces (which we will talk more about in a minute!), and can easily be switched out through the seasons—maybe you opt for a brighter toned quilt in the summer and swap for deeper, more autumnal hues throughout the cooler months. I love draping her quilts over accent chairs for a lived-in look.
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While not all spaces that are classified as bohemian have to be colorful and patterned, I find that they all do have elements of texture. Similar to the Erin Made wardrobe, boho interiors tend to consist of fringe, varied materials (like wood, metal, jute, etc.), vintage furniture, and allllll the soft textiles. I’m a huge fan of the Justina Blakeney sconces shown in the room above (right), which happens to coordinate oh-so-well with Erin’s outfit shown (left). I actually have these sconces in a cream color in my bedroom—they add the perfect amount of texture and bohemian edge.
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Another key to a great boho interior is having multiple layers; again, very similar to the bohemian apparel aesthetic. In a room, I achieve this by layering multiple pillows, throws, rugs, and not skimping on the furniture. I love when a space has that “collected-over-time” feel and each element can be a part of telling a larger story. In the interior shown above, the room is filled to the brim with furniture and textiles that create a multi-layered look, which adds depth and dimension.
Let’s not forget about plants to top off the layered look! Where to shop for plants you ask? As of late, I’ve been digging shopping for plants online (!); the site I shop is called The Sill. They sell some of my go-to plants for interiors, like Pothos and Philodendron; both of these beauties spill over the sides of the pot once they grow. I love styling with cascading plants, especially for the boho interior.
I love when a home feels so inviting that, even though it’s beautiful, you feel comfortable enough to kick back and take off your shoes. One easy way of achieving this styled, yet lived-in look is by ruffling up your pillows and throws for more of a “just tossed” appearance, which helps a space to feel more casual and less serious. Remember above when I mentioned draping one of the Erin Made quilts over an accent chair for a lived-in look? Well there ya go, easy styling tip!
Possibly though, one of the best parts of bohemian style is that it is celebrated to have imperfect qualities, emphasizing the handmade feel and quality of something. Maybe your vintage rug has some frays in the fabric or you can see the aging marks on a sofa—this helps to give your home more lived-in character.
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As every boho girl knows, no two are alike! The same goes for bohemian spaces—each one is unique and that’s why we love them. Even though I’m sharing tips and formulas to help curate this type of space at home, injecting your abode with unique pieces that mean something to you is what makes it your bohemian home! One of my favorite ways to make a space feel personalized is by adding vintage furniture found at a flea market, artwork that evokes emotion, travel souvenirs, and textiles that feel special to you.
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