Meet: Sheridan Hosseini

Describe yourself in three words.
Does your personal style reflect your lifestyle? If so, how?
Yes, it definitely does. I wear vibrant colors while also keeping it natural and beachy.  This reflects my lifestyle because I am always by the beach or out in town doing who knows what. I always keep my life filled with memory seeking adventures. 
Favorite color. Why?
I love lilac purple, my baby blanket was purple and it kind of just stuck with me!
Most people don't know...
I am super kind and determined. I am always the leader of a group project and I what needs to get done.
What inspire/motivates you?
My future motivates me more than anything. That's why getting in shape, staying healthy and happy is so important to me. Knowing yourself is the most important as well as putting yourself first.
Beaches or Mountains?
Definitely beaches!
List three things you couldn't live without?
And the sun, of course!!
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