Meet: Samantha Feher


Describe yourself in three words.
Does your personal style reflect your lifestyle? If so, how?
Yes. I love making daring choices, both in my wardrobe and in my everyday life. Sometimes I'll break out a crazy accessory or a pair of brightly-colored shoes to add a little personality to my look, the same way I sometimes like to make spontaneous and exciting decisions in my life.
Favorite color. Why?
Cobalt blue. It's such a bright, happy color, and I think its intensity reflects my personality.
Most people don't know...
I was on track to be a professional dancer at one point un my life! Right before college, I got some knee injuries that kind of eliminated that possibility. But it definitely opened the door for me to discover all sorts of new passions and interests.
What inspire/motivates you?
I'm inspired most by the people I'm close to. I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by such happy, successful humans who are so passionate and enthusiastic about their own lives - and I think that's the ultimate motivation to live your own best life.
Beaches or Mountains?
Beaches, no question.
List three things you couldn't live without?
My family
Jack Black mint-flavored lip balm
My favorite ring...I never take it off!
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