Meet our New Blog Intern!

Meet our New Blog Intern!

Hey friends!  I am super excited about this opportunity to work as a blog intern this upcoming season and have so many fun ideas in store.  We’re talking fashion, travel, lifestyle, DIY, and of course – ERIN MADE!!  Before you sift through all the blog entries I’ve got in store, we figured it was a good idea for you to get to know me first.  So here’s your crash course on all things ~ Gracie ~ 

I am currently finishing up my final year studying Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at Ball State University in Indiana.  Outside of school, I spend a lot of time back home in Indianapolis, an underrated city full of lots of unique hidden gems.  I’ve got a true belief that fashion is one of the most self-expressive art forms there is, so I love dressing to compliment my vibe!  I’m a stylist at Free People Indy and I’m especially obsessed with all things bohemian, eclectic, colorful, and artistic (hence why Erin Made is such a perfect fit for me)!

While fashion and art are two of my biggest interests, my greatest passion is TRAVEL!  I have always had a very adventurous spirit and feel most alive when I’m exploring a new place (especially if it's by the ocean). 

This year alone, I have gotten the opportunity to travel all over the world, which has offered an insane amount of learning and self-growth!  Last semester, I studied abroad in London, which allowed me to hop all around Europe (and eat way too much pizza…).  The summer after, I headed straight to San Francisco for an internship and explored all that the Coast has to offer.  Now that I’m back home, I’m constantly in search for my next escape… It’s gotten to the point where if I don't have a trip planned, I feel super restless!  

Next, I have an absolute obsession with all things 60s and 70s.  The fashion, the music, and the whole free-spirit lifestyle totally resonate with my soul and 100% influence my style today.  If I could go back and live in any era, this would be the one!  You’d definitely find me dancing in my bell-bottom jeans front row at every Eagles concert possible (I’ve got their Greatest Hits vinyl spinning as I write this).

And because we don't have time for a full-fledge autobiography, here’s a flash-round of some super fun facts about me! :)))))

~ I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 3 years old because I’ve never liked the taste of meat. (Veggie powered forever!!) 

~ I wear my socks inside out (unless they’re stylish ones…duh)

~ Although working in fashion is the goal, running a bed and breakfast (à la Mamma Mia!) is the current dream

~ I’ve been skydiving

~ After school, I’m 110% moving to San Diego, California

~ I’m a strong proponent of cool hats

~ I have a habit of writing too much (…sorry in advance) ;)

Can't wait to share my love for Erin Made and life in general with you guys.  Keep things colorful and I’ll catch ya in the next post!

Peace and love,

Gracie xx

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