Meet: Melly the Gypsy

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Tell us a little about yourself and Tan Lines Bikini Blog.
I started my blog (Tan Lines Bikini Blog) just around a year ago! I'm a bikini connoisseur and I wanted and outlet to share my fave quality bikinis and tell everything my opinions! Lately I've been really into more lifestyle blog posts and Inspirational pieces so my blog has changed a little bit but I absolutely love it!
Describe yourself in 3 words.
Does your personal style reflect your lifestyle? If so, how?
I think it does! Im very beach/boho with long maxi skirts and bikini tops and I think that come naturally from the beach lifestyle! I also love wearing leggings and comfy shirts or sports bras! I love being able to be ready for anything at any given moment!
Favorite color. Why?
I've been LOVING the color yellow lately! It's so bright and happy!
Most people don't know...
Most people don't know that I'm a horse girl. Like, I was given the annoying nickname of "horse girl" in middle school due to my everyday wearing of horse tee shirts. But I am 100% a beach girl, but growing up in California I was fortunate enough to be able to do a lot of fun activities! Horseback riding and hanging out with my horse or dirt bikes in the morning and beach in the afternoon!
Beaches or Mountains?
BOTH! I obviously wake up every day and at some point i end up on the beach or walking by it so its an essential part of my life. But I love the mountains and the chilly air they bring. I love the cool breeze and getting to dress a little warmer!
What inspires/motivates you?
I am Inspired by color, travel, and nature. I love seeing new things or finding beauty right in my own city. Im inspired my other people who make a difference, or give advice, people who have accepted they're not perfect but come off in such ways because they shine so bright.
List three things you couldn't live without.
My camera
My dog
My family
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