Meet: Kayla Jagusch

MEET: Kayla Jagusch

Kayla Jagusch is a boss babe in NYC who loves creating and is inspired by the world around her.  I had the opportunity to ask Kayla some questions, so we could get to learn more about the face behind @shoetalknyc. (If you haven’t checked out her IG & site, go do that.  I promise you won’t be disappointed)

Where Did you go to college?
Philadelphia University, I have my B.S. in Textile Design

How did you get into your business?
Shoe Talk was a Senior Thesis Project I started in college…
I got into my business after leaving my job at Louis Vuitton. I had stepped down from my corporate life and began creating again. Soon after my departure, I received a check in the mail on my 24 th birthday from DKNY (long story behind that - but I interned there in 2015). I decide it was fate & perfect timing…That was my push to invest into my creations and start selling my goods.
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What is your favorite color?
Indigo. I love how much meaning is behind this color. It is also the third eye chakra symbolizes wisdom and deep inner knowledge. Fun fact- I have the chemical formula of indigo tattooed to my back left arm….
What words would you use to describe you?
Passionate, independent, Creative, Curious, Loyal
How would you describe your style?
My style is all black everything lol I’d say I have a classic/timeless/clean style with an artsy/street blend. I love being comfortable but be trendy at the same time (athleisure is my Monday-Friday)
Who or what inspires you?
Love… Falling in love… being in love… falling out of love.
Friends & strangers, textiles, fashion, art, food, travel, culture, the beach, & NYC of course.
What are your favorite things to do?
Going to the museum on a Sunday, Sipping coffee at my favorite Williamsburg coffee shop on a Saturday, Soaking up sun on the beach while reading a great book, Cocktails at a speakeasy, deep conversations with new and old friends, Hip Hop hot yoga at Y7, Sweating at Soulcycle, traveling the world, creating art, taking photos to document my journey, writing poetry.
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