How To Rescue Your Jeans

How To Rescue Your Jeans

Sometimes when we think we've found the perfect pair of white shorts for the right price, with just the right amount and placement of distress to make them feel like an old reliable friend who makes you feel both comfortable and well, pretty good looking too, like you've worn them your whole life...can quickly turn to ruin. We can go from "Yes!" to disappointing mess. That was the case with these shorts.


The after much wear and a couple of wash cycles, the distressed piece kept opening until I had a huge hole that went up just a bit too high to wear out in public. I needed a quick fix!

Here's what I did:


Piece of scrap fabric





If you want to get a similar bohemian look...Shop scrap pieces here

You can also use a piece of old denim that is similar to the wash of jean your are working with. I used this printed piece for a fun contrast of color.

Take your scrap piece and figure out how you want it to look underneath. I wanted to make sure the red flowers where off center - adjust as necessary and pin the piece in place.

Then thread your needle. I chose a dark brown thread. Don't be afraid to use color! I typically use a neon orange thread for a bright small detail. Decided to try out something new for this project.

Get sewing! I used a whip stitch. Honestly, I'd never heard of this stitch before...I looked up "simple hand sewing stitches" on google for this post  and found this one. Super simple. Here is a quick whip stitch  tutorial. Don't be afraid to make a mistake...many times it only adds to the piece!


Stitch all the way around until the patch is secure.

Then turn your shorts inside.

Cut excess material.


Now flip back to the right side...shake them out...and go!


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