2019 Resolutions: Committed, or Already Quit??

If you’re a sentimental dreamer like me, then you probably came up with a list of New Year’s Resolutions to kick start your year in the right direction.  Some people think they’re cliché, but I think it’s cute that there’s a time of the year where at least everyone’s intentions are in a positive direction.  Buuut, now that it’s getting to the end of January, you maybe strayed from the path and have forgotten about your goals.  So, this list of my own personal resolutions is a way to remind myself of my goals in that end-of-January-slump, and maybe even inspire some of you to adopt them.  Even if you aren’t someone who likes resolutions, these are 5 simple and healthy lifestyle changes that you can implement any time of the year. “New year, new me,” amirite??
#1 Cut the Plastic!!
This is my number 1 goal for the year!  Over the past year, my love for the ocean has grown tenfold.  After watching more scary reports on how much plastic is filling our oceans (I don’t need to get on a soapbox here), reality kind of slapped me in the face.  No more plastic for me! Sometimes, plastic seems unavoidable; it sneaks in when you least expect it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to cutting it out wherever we can.  Plastic water bottles? Haven't seen her since 2018 – definitely recommend buying a water filter and a cute reusable water bottle! Plus, it’s way more motivating to drink water when you’re sipping it out of a cute bottle or mug!  And don’t forget to ditch straws when you’re eating out. Save the environment and save your money over time – an obvious win-win! Here are some sustainable brands and items I’ve been loving:
(still has plastic, but a sturdy, long-lasting option to reduce throw-away containers).
#2 Be More Active!
Look, if we’re making a list of resolutions, we have to include the most cliché one.  I’m sorry. But there’s a reason this makes everyone’s list! I’ve found that being more active has greatly reduced my stress, given me more energy, helps me sleep better at night, and helps keep my skin clear.  An easy way to get into an active lifestyle is by allotting 30 minutes a day, and slowly building up the time from there. Whether it’s going for a walk or jog, riding your bike, hitting the gym, or joining a yoga class, being active will only have good effects on your mind and body.  You can find great workout videos online, too (try Niomi Smart and Body By Simone on YouTube), so no need to break the bank on a class or gym membership!  Plus it gives you an excuse to buy new workout clothes, or even an Erin Made sports Boho Band or Scrunchie…jussayin’.
#3 Limit Screen Time!
This one’s huge!  One day last year, I just woke up and thought, “I’m tired of being on my phone or laptop 24/7.”   I realized I was just mindlessly scrolling through feeds, without being truly inspired or impacted by anything I was seeing.  Social media like Instagram can be a great place to express your creativity and follow like-minded people, but it can also be a total waste of time.  The iPhone now allows you to see how much screen time you have each day, and where you spend it. Let’s just say… mine embarrassed me. Luckily, it also allows you to place app limits on your phone.  I’ve cut my social media limit to 20 minutes/day across platforms, and it’s given me so much headspace! Now, I’ve got a stack of books on my bedside table to work through. So when that screen time daily limit hits, I hit the books!  My favorite right now is Tess Guinery’s The Apricot Memoirs poetry book.
#4 Eat More Plant-Based Meals!
Again, this one’s not about losing weight.  It’s about fueling your body with the nutrients, protein, and vitamins it deserves!  Not to mention, plant-based diets help our environment by cutting down on land and water waste.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was three, but I like to have fully plant-based meals every now and then for a refreshing change.  And if you’re an avid meat-eater, there is nothing wrong with that! You may just think of incorporating vegetarian or fully plant-based meals into your routine from time to time.  Try a veggie burger, veggie chili, or zucchini noodles – so many different options that are healthy, filling, fueling, and eco-friendly!
#5 Authenticity is Key!
This one’s a little more all-embracing.  But be the most authentic version of yourself, whatever that may look like.  Whether it’s the way you dress, who you surround yourself with, finding a job that makes you happy, or living in your dream city.  Put the time in, work hard, manifest your dreams, and create a reality where you can be authentically you. Don’t hide behind an “image” you’ve projected, and don't hang out with people who you can’t be your true self around.  It is the most refreshing feeling in the world to wake up and simply not care about how other people view you. These things all come from living authentically, searching for opportunities, working hard, finding the confidence, and dancing to the beat of your own drum.  <3
What are your resolutions for the new year (and beyond), and have you stuck to them?  Let us know!

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